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Polishing Car

Interior / Exterior Protection

All Services By Appointment Only

  Open 24/7 for Texting about Stain Pre-treatment and Appointment!

Beach Vibe

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Combination of our highest Exterior and Interior Beautification (Showroom Ready)

                   8+ Hours

Starts @ $360.95

***Returning Customer is 20% off Original Cost

• Use the Ozone machine or Similar application to eradicate 99% of germs and mildew (Overnight Application (1.5hrs))

• Tires and Wheels cleaned and dressed

• Door jambs 

• Truck Beds 

• Clean all windows In/Ext 

• Fender Wells 

• Exhaust tips

• Tires Dressed 

• Trim Conditioning

• Clay-bar Paint to remove Decontaminates
• Paint Correction (removal of swirl/light scratches) with One Step Polish/Wax
• Add a Sealant after the wax

All plastic and leather surfaces cleaned and protected

Rubber / Cloth Mats cleaned 

All carpets and upholstery / cloth seats shampooed and cleaned

Steamed cleaned all surfaces

Vacuumed thoroughly

Headliner cleaned if needed

• If require: Clean, Restore, Polish, Protect Polish Headlight

•  Excessive Remove Pet/animal/human Hair (Additional COST of $100)

•  Clean Headliner, visor, seat head rest, and seat belt (Additional COST of $20per Area)

•  Excessive Spills/Stain in carpet (Additional COST of $20per seat)

***If Desired, One Year CERAMIC For Just $250 (Dr. Beasley Z1)


Package Pricing Final Cost 

 ****The Additional cost of $20 to $250 may apply in these conditions:

The Vehicle Size, paint correction, dirtiness, stains, animal/human/pet hair/fur.

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