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Polishing Car

Ceramic Protection

All Services By Appointment Only

  Open 24/7 for Texting about Stain Pre-treatment and Appointment!


Caribbean Sun Shine (CSS)

Gold @ $3000

Silver @ $2500


This service aims to provide the best clear coat protection on the market without annual coating boosters but an annual decontaminating of the paint to keep the coating unclog and active.

Please note that additional services such as Overspray Removal, Tree Sap Removal, Bug Removal, Hard Water Spot Removal, or excess paint correction may incur additional time and charges, which will be discussed and agreed upon before commencement of the service. 

Service includes:

  • Exterior Detailing

  • Iron/Clay Removal

  • IPA Surface Preparation

  • Ceramic Coating for all windows with durability exceeding 12 months

  • Ceramic Coating for all wheel facings on all four wheels with durability exceeding 12 months

  • Trim Restoration/Protection

  • Ceramic Coating for all painted surfaces

  • Gloss Enhancement Polish



  • Exceptional Chemical Resistance

  • Protection against bug guts, tree sap, bird droppings, and hard water spots; The Coating Absorbs the damage instead of your Clear Coat.

  • Excellent UV Resistance

  • Simplified Cleaning Process Ensuring Your Vehicle Remains Cleaner, EASIER to Clean!

  • Impressive Self-Cleaning Abilities by repealing water and dirt.

  • Outstanding Gloss and Preservation of Your Paint

  • Thick, Extra-Hard Protective covering every square inch of your vehicle

  • Impedes Fracturing (Cracking of the paint over time / clear coat failure)

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